Contemporary Spiritual Arts (CSA) was founded by Executive Director, Reverend Roy D. Fisher, in March, 2003. Reverend Roy is an ordained minister with the United Church of Religious Science which is more commonly known as The United Centers for Spritual Living. CSA is a covenant affiliate of United Centers for Spiritual Living (UCSL). For more information on UCSL, please see CSA is listed along with all the other Churches, Centers and Special Focus Ministries throughout the world. CSA is classified as a Special Focus Ministry.

Reverend Fisher received his MA in Consciousness from Holmes Institute, a fully accredited institute for higher learning in Los Angeles that prepares individuals for the ministry. He is also a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner, R.Sc.P, licensed to do spiritual counseling and has facilitated International Spiritual Workshops and Retreats since 2000.

Rev. Roy has also served as an instructor, designing and facilitating graduate level business and spirituality courses for colleges and universities in the St. Louis area. He serves on the faculty of Homes Institute, headquartered in California, with campuses across the nation.

The guiding principles for The Global Center for Contemporary Spiritual Music and Arts are modeled after the steps of spiritual mind treatment which are based on Science of Mind Principles.

1. There is one Universal Divine Power and Presence that is the source of all Life and all Good.

2. This Divine Spirit is in, through and around all people.

3. Every person has access to the Power and Presence of the Divine, and is entitled to live a magnificent life expressing the Divine.

4. Gratitude for all of the good and blessings experienced is a pathway to the Divine.

5. Surrender of human control to the Divine Power allows the greatest possible expression of one's life to manifest.

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