We are committed to assisting individuals who are willing to turn their lives over to their Higher Power; and take responsibility for their lives.

Using the modalities of individual counseling and workshops, we primarily focus on AA's Steps 4 and 11.

Step 4: Made a Searching and Fearless Moral Inventory of Ourselves.

Step 11: Sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with God, as we understood Him, praying only for knowledge of His will for us and the power to carry that out.

The Twelve Step Program is a way of life for CSA's President and Founder, Rev. Roy Fisher. Rev. Roy Fisher is a recovered alcoholic. Since 1984, he has been free of self inflicted bondage brought on by consumption of alcohol and other drugs. Diagnosed twice in the early nineties with terminal cancer, he has been completely cancer free since 1996. Rev. Roy gives much credit for his good health to meditative and spiritual principles learned and practiced while recovering from alcoholism and his journey, as he became a New Thought minister.

For over twenty years, Rev. Roy has counseled and mentored recovering men and women in various twelve-step programs. Rev. Roy facilitates Twelve Step Workshops and Retreats throughout the US and Internationally. Each workshop is based on the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and focus primarily on the Fourth and Eleventh Steps. During the workshop, Rev. Roy facilitates individuals in breaking patterns of denial, becoming honest and developing effective and purposeful daily contact with their higher power as they learn to accept personal responsibility for their lives. Besides being filled with love, each workshop is filled with purposeful contemporary spiritual music.

A love offering is the only fee for this workshop.

Hi Roy

I just wanted to thank you for your time and effort in putting on the 4th step workshop; and and for your guidance. It was a deeply moving experience for me that has helped me understand myself so much better than ever before. I hope to repeat the workshop within a year, or so, from now.

The difference between doing this step in a workshop, rather than alone, or with the guidance of my sponsor in the past, was huge. I got so much more out of the step because of (a) your experience in handling the subject and (b) from the collective experience and openness of the group to admit their character defects and resentments - which enabled me to more clearly see mine. The result of this workshop, for me, is that I can now see that all my resentments have been self-made - that there is a thread of personal behaviour through all my past issues that indicate my part in each one and that, without my part, there wouldn't be an issue.

In considering the details of my past resentments, I can see how others have reacted to my behavior in a way that's produced a resentment from me. If I put myself in their shoes I can understand why they behaved the way they did towards me. In this way I have come to drop major resentments against three important characters in my past life: my daughter, my ex-wife and my ex-partner.

Thanks again, Roy, for your guidance.


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Roy's workshop has changed me and my life. Roy presented it in such a way that there was a shift in my ability to see my part. It made me see that "my part" could be as little as accepting other people's idea of me, whether it was correct or not. The 4th step workshop taught me more than just about inventory taking, it introduced me to my higher power again, this time more fully. The workshop lead me to do a 5th step with my sponsor which started a whole new chapter in my life. I am more on my authentic path then ever before in my recovery. I can never express my gratitude to Roy and Dianne for bringing their FABULOUS workshop to an area of the recovery world that desperately needs it. I will love them always.

S.M.- 2005

Dear Rev. Roy,

We are very grateful for your facilitating of our Board Retreat. You were truly helpful. The philosophy and procedures of AA became more meaningful to all of us. Thank you especially for assisting people to find an alternative to their cravings, which they can keep mindful of through the techniques of Science of Mind. This information will have increased significance and usefulness for all of us in our daily lives and practices.

In Light and Love, Rev. Royal Satterlee May 26, 2005

Dear Rev. Roy

I just want to take this opportunity to thank you for everything you've done for me. To put it simply, you gave me hope when I had none. I am a drug addict, stuck in a foreign country with no money, no job and no means of support or way to get home and when we met I was ready to die. Through your consel and your financial help, you have changed all of that and I've decided I'm ready to live again and face life on lifes terms. Thank you for providing me with the bus fare and food necessary for me to get home and back on my feet and for giving me the hope I needed. I will always be grateful.

Greg F. - April 2005

Footnote by Rev. Roy: Regretfully, Greg only made it to Mexico City on his way back to the United States. He stopped there and got a hotel room, apparently tempted to do drugs one more time. He was found murdered in his hotel room. The police investigation remains opens. During Greg's last weeks of life in Playa del Carmen Mexico, he inspired the local AA members with his experience strength and hope and as the community gave to Greg what it could, he gave back to them all that he had to give. Greg was a plumber and although without funds to live himself, he took a little of the money that came to him and bought a kitchen sink and installed it for a local women who was also in need. Greg will be missed but never forgotten. Rev. Roy.

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