CSA is dedicated to bringing the message of "Oneness" to the world through Contemporary Spiritual Music and Art.

Through music and art the message of spirituality is powerfully delivered. Music and visual arts can dissolve perceived boundaries into a community of oneness and unity. Often organizations with their unique identities and structures unknowingly set restrictions whereas the visual arts and music gently open the heart.

Contemporary Spiritual Artists serve our communities while often struggling to make ends meet. The Arts Ministries will provide education in spiritual principle, mentoring and scholarships to artists as well as providing churches and centers with creative services to assist in building their spiritual communities through the message delivered by the artists. Here is what one musician has to say about our retreats:

CSA offers a Spiritual Retreat/Advance Center for renewal, spiritual enlightenment in a beautiful Caribbean Resort Setting that was for centuries a home to the lost Mayan Civilization. Retreat Costs, excluding airfare, are covered by CSA.

To learn how you can assist in creating scholarships for artists, click on Donations.

Dear Rev. Roy - Now that I’ve had a few weeks to reflect back, I just wanted to thank you again for giving Jan and I the wonderful opportunity to kick back and relax for a few days. I think I must’ve slept most of the first two!

Hanging out with our fellow musicians was a treat....sharing stories and hearing how others do things. And yes....getting to bitch and moan a bit when we felt like it. Thanks for setting it all up.

And I really enjoyed meeting Tor and Maru and your other local friends. SacBe was a wonderful experience....loved swimming in the cenotes and the amphitheater is a gorgeous venue. I like the whole vibe out there.

Bless you for sharing your home and your life with us.

JD Martin

Dear Rev. Roy - Just a note to thank you for one of the most spirit filled weeks of my life. Getting together with the musicians and ministers of new thought uplifted my consciousness to a sublime level. I am still processing all the good energy. Your accommodations in Playa were so beautiful and comfortable and I loved the way we could walk to everything. I really got the rest and inspiration I needed to go forth and make a positive difference in the world.

I'm so glad I got to meet you. I admire the vision you are holding and support you are providing for the very deserving musicians of new thought. BRAVO to you.

May the long time sun shine upon you, all love surround you and the pure light within continue to guide your way home.

Harmony Ananda

Dear Rev. Roy, Thank you sooooooo much for your open, loving heart, generosity and kindness to me, Harmony and the other musicians and attendees on the retreat. I just LOVED being in your company and was really impressed with the way you retained your equanimity when faced with challenges. BTW, did you ever find your yabas (keys)?

This idea of putting a bunch of Spiritual musicians together is GREAT, and I feel honored to be a part of it. The highlight for me was singing in the jungle and combining voices with the others.

Also, I am willing to donate the usage of some of my music for a compilation CD to be used as a fundraiser for any of your projects. Just let me know what's happening with that.

Here are more of my personal highlights, in no particular order: Working out harmonies with JD and Jan - what a blend! Being in the company of Michael Gott (my fiance') Maria at the Coffee Press, and feeling a sense of community at her yoga classes and cafe' Sunrises with Shelly Trudy's Divine massage, where I had a mystical experience Getting to know everyone better
Tor and Maru's energies Singing and playing in Playa, especially in the outside courtyard on Thursday night
Feeling the Oneness You!

I look forward to being in your presence again, whenever that will be. You are such a blessing to me.

Love and Infinite Light,

"Faerie" Elaine of the Silver Stream

Rev. ROY! Wow, what a wonderful retreat. JD and I are just sorting through all our piles of "to-do" lists, and are still a little bit on Mexican time......so I'm sorry it's taken me a few days to send you this rave review.

THANKS again for your kindness and generosity in having us come to Playa. We had an absolutely fabulous time, and feel deliciously refreshed and cared for. You were so dear to open up your house and your life to all us crazy musicians. It was a lovely coming together, for all of us.

We hope you are well and that all loose ends regarding cars, keys, etc. have come together easily for you. Again, it was a beautiful experience all the way around. Please give hugs to Tor, Maru, Ted, Trudy, etc. etc. for us. We hope to re-connect again sometime. In the meantime, I hope you're enjoying our new CD.

Lots of Love, Jan & JD

Dear Rev. Roy, We made it home safe. I just had the BEST time EVER with Y'all and I so look forward to seeing you again very soon. It was a pleasure and delight to share the week with you and thank you all for supporting my family and letting us be there. I am grateful for your support and hope that you enjoy
the music that moves through me. I am putting it out that I am giving you permission to use the song “Spirit in the House” from “Something’s Call Me” CD to use for a compilation CD to support your Ministries. Thank you so much for your hospitality in Mexico. I am grateful for your loving support of the musicians in our movement. Stay strong and deeply inspired.

Peace and blessings, Jami Lula & Family

Dearest Special Friend Rev. Roy, We have thought of you every day since the respite you gave to us after taking on a church of our own. We love being minister and have been working diligently and spiritually with our congregants with much love and grace, but to have a moment – actually quite a few moments – to be peaceful and in-joy, without having an agenda, was just unbelievably precious. Thank you for the beautiful places you own, thank you for the wonderful meals we ate together and the laughter we had and the songs we sang and the company we kept, but mostly thank you for showing what a loving generous heart really is. That’s what happened – you gave an exemplary demonstration of what the word ‘good’ really means. We loved your friends and I don’t think I will ever forget the concert and getting to see where Torsten is starting out with his Recovery Center in the jungle. That place was soooo beautiful and wonderful, filled with great and powerful energy.

Love you lots, Suz and Shelley

Rev Roy: From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for your generosity and embracing us in Mexico the way you did! You have NO IDEA how that trip filled me up in so many ways ----t that I desperately needed! Not to mention Jami and I, and Dylan, and the communion with fellow musicians! WOW!!

Much Love and Tremendous Thanksgiving, Suzi Kesler, R.Sc.P.

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