CSA serves as a support and advocate for New Thought Ministers and their spouses who are experiencing Professional, Spiritual, Emotional or Personal crisis. We offer Spiritual Wellness Retreats where we care for the caregivers.

~Retreats are specifically designed to fit the individuals needs.

~Housing and counseling are provided free of charge. All retreats include nurturing, communication (listening and sharing), education, empowerment, planning, contemplative time and love.

CSA Founder and Executive Director Roy Fisher suggests this: You can't give away something you haven't got, even if you once had it. Our retreats bring ministers back to a focused place where they can best serve others. Here's what a couple of ministers have to say about our retreats.

CSA's Caribbean Retreats are funded through the tax-deductible contributions from individuals, corporations, churches, other religious institutions and foundations. Contemporary Spiritual Arts is a non-profit, tax exempt organization. A scholarship fund is available to assist ministers and spouses attend the Retreats. The cost to fund airfare for an individual scholarship is approximately $600.00 per person. All other retreat costs are covered by CSA.

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Rev. M.L. writes:

"Your ministry allowed me to begin another process. The retreat was right on time! Your generosity in providing travel and lodgings made the decision to attend an easy one. Thank you!"

The beauty, comfort and opulent setting of your newest condo were like resting in the arms of Sweet Spirit. The morning sessions set the perfect tone for each day. The intimacy of the small group allowed a true connection to take place. Thus came the sharing from the heart; the vulnerability and subsequent healings in a very safe environment.

The location...c'mon now - Playa Del Carmen is Paradise! What more could one ask for? Perfect weather in the 80's; the beautiful Caribbean Sea; fabulous food, shopping, spas - all just steps from the condo.

All this and much more! What a living affirmation that Life is Good and Very, Very Good! We've all heard "hindsight is 20/20." I realize more clearly than ever how important this kind of Spiritual Holiday is in the life of a Minister, your ministry is making it possible. Your nurturing, loving, humor-filled nature is so supportive ( I love how we laughed).

Again, thanks for everything my dear brother Roy. Enclosed is a tithe. May your ministry continue to expand and expand as you continue to be a beneficial presence in the world."

Rev. Dr. Clancy Blakemore, Retired:

"This retreat setting is inspirational, soothing to the spirit, and relaxing to mind and body. Rev. Roy Fisher has woven the beautiful elements of nature in Mexico, with his gracious, personalized hospitality and sensitive facilitation and organization, to create a magnificent tapestry. It will wrap you in its renewal potential. Twice I have personally experienced The Power of Now Retreat and can highly recommend it. Each time I came away with an expanded sense of unlimited possibilities, and a fresh perspective on life".

Rev. Annie Clark, Radiant Community Church of Religious Science, Fairview Heights, Illinois:

"Spending time with the Indwelling Presence, away from the telephone, televidsion and meetings, was one of the glorious waysI spent time while on retreat with Rev. Roy. I returned to my ministry in Southern Illinois refreshed and revitalized.

Starting each day in a small intimate group, with meditation and inspirational readind set such a tone that every subsequent activity unfolded beautifully. It mattered not whether I spent the remainder of the day sitting on a huge rock gazing out at the crystal clear blue of the Caribbean Sea, or walking through the bustling marketplace, or observing the ruins of the ancient Maya culture. Each adventure was an avenue through which the Infinite Spirit continously revealed more of Its beauty to me.

Stepping out in faith I do not swim. Snorkelling in Cenotes (underground rivers) was a way for me to live the faith in Spirit of which I often speak. As I moved through trhe quiet waters I truly sensed the oneness of life - calmness began to pervade my entir being. Fear of the unknown subsided and subsequently dissolved as I took in the awesome beauty around me. I then knew, without a doubt, that where I am, God is fully present. And where God is, all is well! Thannk you Rev. Roy for making this retreat possible to me through your wonderful ministry."

The times are definitely a changing, in the world of organized religion, says Rabbi Matthew Mischaels, Southwest Regional Chairman of the Central Conference of American Rabbis that comes to the needs of Rabbis in need of support, advocacy and guidance. Both clergy and laity must recognize this reality and and work together to insure a more healthy, spiritual connectedness between and pew. Thank God, the clergy is finally realizing what they have preached for years. God helps those that help themselves.Our individual mental, emotional and spiritual growth depends on our ability and willingness to see the human frailties in others as well as ourselves, and to know with certainty that all of us are created in the Divine Image.

Why endeavor to keep our spiritual leaders professionally, spiritually, emotionally healthy Ministers help create Healthy Individuals? Healthy individuals help create Healthy Families that help create Healthy Neighborhoods help create Healthy Towns, Cities and States. Healthy States help create Healthy Countries which creates a Healthy World, A Global Community, living in Peace and Harmony.

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