CSA serves as an advocate and Spiritual Advisor teaching Spiritual Principles and Affirmative Prayer. We are affiliated with COPE (Congregation & Offenders Partnership Enterprise).

Spiritual Wellness Retreats/Advances are offered to New Thought Ministers and their spouses in a beautiful Caribbean setting

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We are committed to assisting individuals who are willing to turn their lives over to their Higher Power; and take responsibility for their lives.

In addition to the same retreat opportunities we provide for New Thought Ministers, CSA offers a wide range of support services including mentoring, networking, and spiritual advancement through classes and counseling.

Ministering to Ministers

Ministering to Inmates, Former Offenders and Volunteer Support Teams

Ministering to 12 Step Program participants

Ministering to Musicians and other Artists

The Five Fold Ministry of CSA


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Condo Mar Bella

Ministering to Children in the Republic of the Philippines