Over twenty years of service, Rev Roy has become a skilled spiritual counselor, working with individuals, couples and families. He listens with compassion and love and feeds back to you the spiritual principles that are always at work in your life. He asks those questions that help you find your truth within yourself. You can always expect to hear the question, “Is what you are doing now working for you” as he supports and loves you to that place of knowing your wholeness as a perfect child of God.

Rev. Roy’s weddings are unique and personal to each couple. He believes that the wedding ceremony is for the couple and not an ocassion to soap box a particular religious belief. The couple is free to modify his ceremonies to suit their personal needs and desires.

Rev. Roy believes in the divinity of the child. This ritual serves as an opportunity for family and friends to welcome this new expression of God into their lives.

Spiritual Wellness Retreats/Advances are offered to New Thought Ministers and their spouses in a beautiful Caribbean setting

There is something special about a dedication or re-dedication because of the opportunity it gives to see the bigger picture of purpose and love that this represents. This is a statement of commitment.

(Homes, Offices, Pets, Etc.) Spirit is the All in All. Recognition of this Divine Intelligence enhances our lives and our commitment to right living.

Rev. Roy is always available to speak to groups and organizations about spiritual principles and other motivational topics. He is available to fill in for ministers on vacation or other types of leaves and to assist in filling temporarily open pulpits.

These too can be personalized to fit the needs of the couple and they can be held anywhere. There is beauty, value and meaning in making a commitment to a loving relationship.

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